Clients Reflect

”My work with Sheridan has been as a Mentor Coach during my training as an Integral coach with the GSB.

Powerful, insightful, courageous and compassionate are words that capture my experience of Sheridan. As a registered psychologist and experienced coach, I appreciated Sheridan’s ability to meet me where I was at in my personal and professional journey. I benefited from her ability to cut to the core of issues and to invite me to go beyond my current understandings of myself and my work in a robust and personally meaningful manner. I have made significant progress as a coach and personally through working with Sheridan. For anyone who is looking for a coach to support them to make significant change that impacts all areas of their life quickly, Sheridan fits this bill.”

Veronica Royston – Executive Coach and Organisational Psychologist


“Sheridan Pollock is an extremely effective, powerful coach who has been able to shift my way of being with her exceptionally skilled and rigorous approach. I can highly recommend her in-depth integral coaching services to any individual or organisation that is looking for profound, long lasting, positive change.”

San Silbernagl – Managing Director Impact Coaching


“Over the following months with Sheridan’s coaching guidance, her astute identification of key concerns, her ability to distil the core essences of situations, my emotions and my thoughts I have experience tremendous life change, both emotionally and mentally.

Her approach is practical. She does not try to enforce a one size fits all coaching style; instead using her coaching tools to ensure that I am allowed to grow, to move, to understand as fast or as slow as needed all the time cutting through the chaff of my mind and guiding me emotionally forward.”

Rowan Le Roux


“‘In my short experience, I would say that Sheridan has all the elements of a great coach. She is non-judgmental, very smart; always open to seeing an alternative point of view and not afraid to go to uncomfortable places when the situation demands it.

She is very effective at quickly drilling down to the heart of an issue. This is obviously because of her acquired skills, but she is also exceptionally attuned to the emotional and somatic (physical) cues of her clients. I would recommend Sheridan unequivocally as a coach.”

Elise Malherbe