Defining Coaching


Sheridan enjoys the co creation of outcomes based (goal orientated) coaching program where a marked increase in her clients self -awareness and competency are the key ticket to measured progress within a dynamic 6 – 12 month program.

An improved map

Along with marked increase in awareness coaching offers a space to carve out a new or improved “Map” and an opportunity to develop skills to navigate, measure and track progress is part and parcel of the coaching space.

Coaching vs. Therapy vs. Consulting?

Coaching is inter active and rigorous in its feedback systems between coach and coachee.
Whilst therapy modalities primarily offer a space for a client to reflect and Consulting environments explore solutions, Integral Coaching is about a partnership between a Coach and Client, where awareness is integrated with new and more developed competencies to reach a desired destination that can be named and realised.


There is practical, goal orientated work , within 60 – 90 minute bi monthly sessions , that ask of one to go and look and observe how one operates and to engage with exercises and long term practices that build new competency for one to support growth and change.


A clear and named understanding of “destination occurs” – and clients sharpen their understanding of what side roads and dead ends often trip them up or have them stuck and unable to move to the next level.