The Coach

Trained within an Integral Approach through the UCT Graduate School of business, Centre for Coaching & New Ventures West, San Francisco, USA, Sheridan draws rich resource from a multitude of theoretical and body based models, practices and philosophies.

Having enjoyed over 6400 hours of Coaching, Sheridan works with a client base with executives from the Legal, PR, Financial and Service based industries as well as individuals from the Educational and Private business and domestic sectors. She also has Mentored Senior students from the professional sector who train as coaches themselves within the UCT Graduate School of business space with the Centre for Coaching.

Sheridan’s style is up a close and personal and she thrives on the marked and powerful value of integral coaching to transform another’s life in a relatively short space of time. Her work and development is continuous and on-going and she is entrepreneurial in her spare time.

Her primary question is how much ease or dis-ease does one feel across the various areas of one’s life and what quality of relationship is one to themselves?

Sheridan comments that: “ People navigate through life defending and coping with repetitive judgement and sense of lack and isolation and then accumulation – my job is to provoke a client to understand what possibility a far more present and undefended way of being can open for them, and then to hold the space for them to up-skill on competencies to make the sustainable changes needed to create better proximity to themselves and a deeper sense of internal ease.”

Sheridan encourages those interested in a coaching program to meet with her initially or check in via SKYPE, email or telephonically for a initial 2 hour session to explore more of what the coaching relationship can offer one, within the unique context of one’s life and space.