Coach Sheridan Pollock @ The Coaching Incubator (Pty) Ltd

A context for architecting power & real results

Having enjoyed over +13 800 hours of coaching clients, Sheridan works with a professional & bespoke base of Entrepreneurs and Executives as well as their referred individuals & families from the private sector who are ready to engage with her close up and personal style of enquiry into exactly what is required for profound results.

Trained within an Integral Approach through the UCT Graduate School of business, Centre for Coaching & New Ventures West, San Francisco, USA, Sheridan draws rich resource from a multitude of theoretical and body based models, practices and philosophies. She has also mentored senior students from the professional sector training as coaches.

Her primary & robust question centre’s around that, within a client’s often-outdated narrative, which may be limiting their sense of personal ease in their life & even more powerful results in their businesses.

Sheridan thrives on the distinct value of an integral coaching program to transform another’s life in a relatively short space of time and she drives a particular bottom line commitment with clients to weekly traction with self -observations, practices and exercises in the granular spaces of their day to day business, personal life.

When asked, she expresses that:“ My passion is to shape a high-level confidential container within which professionals can tidy up their radar, identify the ingredients of an idling speed that will get them the absolute best results and to actively, in real terms – craft a more present, mindful & more undefended way of being in the process.

She goes on to point out: “An excellent coach is naturally able to bring a grounded and attentive intensity to what is a fast track and granular process where Clients ‘up-skill ‘ with competencies that enable them to achieve very particular and essential results for themselves. With an increase in the speed at which society and businesses are developing, sustainable changes are needed to create better proximity to our-selves and a deeper sense of internal ease.”

People navigate through life defending and coping with repetitive judgment and sense of lack and isolation. Often a false facade of strength and even aggression is the order of the day. I encourage professionals to turn their ‘ Inside out t-shirt’ that is their ‘blind spots’ around, so that professional results can not only be spring boarded but also actually appreciated and duplicated in all of their life.”